Enrolment & Fees for Lichfield, Fradley & Aldridge

Places are limited and the payment for the first two weeks classes (non-refundable), due with the completed enrolment form, will secure the student’s place in the school. If there are no spaces, the student will be wait listed.

Fees may be reviewed periodically but parents will be informed during the term prior to any increase being made. These costs are per session as described.

30-minute Ballet classes £3.50 ea 4-7 years
30-minute Street Dance Class £3.50 ea

11-14 years

(Friday's Only)

45-minute Stage Kidz classes £4.95 ea 4-7 years
45 minute Street Dance classes £4.95 ea 7-14 years
90-minute Performance classes £8.95 ea 7-14 years
45 minute Jazz Tap class £5.00 ea 13+ years
2 hour Spectrum Workshop £10.00 ea 13 - 16years
45 minute Conditioning class £5.00 ea 13+ years
45 minute Advanced Dance class £5.00 ea

14-18 years

(Adlib Only)

2 hour Adlib Theatre Company £10.00 ea 14-18 years

After the initial trial period of two weeks, fees are payable each term in one or two installments by cash, cheque or BACS (Bank details available on request). Please see Terms and Conditions immediately below.

Theatrics Terms & Conditions

Download Theatrics Terms & Conditions
(Adobe Acrobat Reader format, 99kb)

Fees are non-refundable for missed classes except for genuine medical reasons, in which case the amount will be credited to the next term’s fees. This will only apply if the parents or guardians call prior to the start of the class where possible.

Discounts are available on classes and uniform purchases when three or more family members attend the school. (Please ask about these prior to enrolment).

When students participate in shows requiring rehearsal outside normal class time, a charge may be made to parents for this additional coaching.

The cost of any costumes for shows will be at the expense of the parents / guardian. However Theatrics will purchase these at cost price on your behalf.

Theatrics will not accept responsibility for siblings or friends who may attend a Theatrics venue with a parent / guardian but are not enrolled students.

Any student wishing to leave the course is required to give ONE MONTH’S NOTICE in writing. Fees will not be refunded for portions of the term that are missed, however un-cashed post dated cheques will be returned provided notice is given as above.

When the school is working towards a major production and is in the second term of rehearsal, Theatrics requires TWO MONTHS NOTICE of intention to leave, this will permit any changes to choreography to be made and to re cast parts allowing enough time for scripts to be learned. Failure to give notice in either case, even at the end of a term period, may result in Theatrics applying for County Court Rulings to claim the following terms fees until notice is properly given.

Bank fees relating to returned cheques will be charged back to the account holder, this is a fixed charge of £10.00 per cheque.

Theatrics reserves the right to cancel classes if necessary but will credit the next term’s fees.

Theatrics reserves the right to substitute or change teachers as required during the term period either temporarily or permanently without giving notice to students or parents. The replacement teacher will always be of a requisite standard as judged by the principals.

Theatrics reserves the right to change the venue of a class either temporarily (in an emergency) or permanently, but will always seek to keep it within a reasonable radius of the original location and wherever possible effect changes after holiday breaks.

Fees should be paid in advance. Should they still be outstanding, two weeks after the commencement of term, we reserve the right to refuse entrance to the class by the student in question.

Failure to pay fees without explanation, when participation in classes has already taken place may result in Theatrics applying for County Court Rulings to reclaim unpaid fees.

Although we will endeavour to collect and hold personal items left at the studios, Theatrics cannot accept responsibility for finding & returning lost property. Unclaimed items will be recycled after one term.

Students are NOT permitted to bring guests to watch classes, unless arrangements have been made with Theatrics prior to the class. The guest and parent / guardian must sign a disclaimer indemnifying Theatrics from any responsibility for the guest in accordance with insurance guidelines.

Self serve tea and coffee facilities are provided free of charge to parents as a goodwill gesture and are not monitored by our staff. Theatrics cannot be held responsible for any accidents arising from the use or misuse of equipment used for making hot drinks.

Download Theatrics Terms & Conditions
(Adobe Acrobat Reader format, 99kb)

Should weather conditions make it unsafe to travel to and from a theatrics venue, a notice will be displayed on our facebook page and website informing Students of the closure, as well as a recorded message on our phone (07905 222418). It is the responsibility of the parent to establish if the venue will be open or not.

There is also information available on our child protection policy and enrolment.