Our Mission

In Theatrics Adam and Nicky Wright have created an opportunity for young performers to express themselves through dance, drama and singing and expand individual interests and talents, maximising their potential, whether it be for a future in show business or to allow for the development of better communication skills, enabling them to become more confident and articulate. Senior students may also aspire to join one of our advanced groups: The Spectrum Theatre Workshop, Advanced Dance or the Adlib Theatre Company to further their theatrical experience.

There will be regular shows and end of term workshop presentations where family and friends can enjoy the achievements of the students.

Having been professional performers, Adam and Nicky understand the importance of disciplined training through syllabus work, but feel that some young performers, especially beginners, respond well to a less rigid format where the focus is on performance rather than exams. This approach, shapes the foundation for our basic principle:

Fun in Performance!

Our Structure

Training is offered to children and teenagers aged 4 – 18, both beginners and previously trained students. There are different types of classes which are organised by age and ability. Our class sizes allow for close attention from our expert teachers. The classes are run in different locations at various times.

The Adlib Theatre Company (14 – 18 years) requires students to audition to join.

There will be three terms each year, which run concurrently with the normal academic year. Terms are generally 12 – 15 weeks each.